Mr Nobody (2009)

How this film evaded me I have no idea as I found it truly spectacular. Beautiful visuals and perfect nuances in sound design only went one step further on evoking the imagination whilst the compelling narrative and plot kept me well indulged.

It was a feast of scenery and twists, every moment was consequential, with terrific performances from a strong cast. Full of emotional and quirky rivets that exploit the surreal to its maximum, creating only a feeling of lust and discovery for the viewer.

Jared Leto played the ever tormented and desperate lead character “Nemo Nobody” with great support from a generous cast. Including strong performances from my favourite attitude driven female, Juno Temple and emotional Rhys Ifans.


Kaboom (2010)

Nothing more could be put into this film. Sex, promiscuity, voodoo, supernatural,  cults, murder, kidnapping and sexual exploration. All though in the most vivid and engaging tale. Despite its great content and appeal to the post adolescent,  it did have some flaws in the sheer mass of twists and revelations that break what could have been a coming of age tale.

Instead you are given the ride of complete craziness, comedy and thrill. Just watch the trailer, and if you think “WTF”, then you are on the right track. Check it out, it’s a thoroughly entertaining and amazing festival of cinematic indulgence.