My name is Simon Robinson and I love the arts. Everything from music, to movies, theatre to fashion, architecture to landscaping. I make music, write lots of stuff and am plodding along with life and what it wants to throw at me.

I’m in the countryside at the moment; some say in rehab from the trials and tribulations of a life once lived. I say just as circumstances permit, one must live to the means at their disposal.

This is just one of many sites I have, you can see them at the bottom of this page. I write “thefwpblog” and the twitter posts which is terribly interesting so follow me via @funkywhitepro

I want to have a life surrounded by the things I enjoy and couldn’t possibly imagine working a 9 to 5 in an office or shop. I’ve been there, done that and got a collection of t-shirts. So I continue to experiment with ideas and find cracks in the industries I’d like to work in as to burrow my way in. So look out, i’m coming for you. You’ll enjoy it though, I promise.


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